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Corporate Decluttering and Simplification


Corporate Decluttering and Simplification


Corporate noise and bureaucracy

Even the most successful growing organizations are facing challenges generated by complexity and bureaucracy. Management and key employees are overloaded with dozens of different tasks coming from anywhere: functional superiors, secondary “dotted line” leaders, global HQ, finance, compliance, procurement, internal audit, etc.
  • Excessive number and duration of meeting and calls
  • Similar reports requested by different stakeholders, in different formats
  • Meetings with too many participants
  • Time spent on presentations (PowerPoint)
  • Too many layers of reviewers and approvers
  • Frequent unplanned interruptions (urgent requests, inquiries, last minute tasks)
  • No alone-time for thinking
  • Disregard to planned agenda or schedules
  • Doing it because it was done the same before
  • Low level of automation of basic tasks
  • Overtime required to complete the initial tasks of the day
  • Staff fatigue and demotivation

Corporate Decluttering Simplification Solutions

Our solution:  LESS NOISE. MORE FOCUS.

We offer a wide variety of services to tackle fraud and economic crimes, from compliance assessments to investigations and preparation of the economic case for court purposes:

ASCENTOR’s team of consultants has strong experience in streamlining workload and tasks at management level, to free-up time for value adding activities:

Example: for a team of 40 sales people, saving up to 1/2 hour per day of low value tasks results in 20 hours per day (100 hours per week). How many sales leads can be generated using this time?

Contact us for a preliminary discussion: