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Permanent placement

ASCENTOR‘s executive search and recruitment practice provides effective services to companies in Romania and South Eastern Europe. Our executive search approach is designed to increase the effectiveness and speed of the recruitment process.

Based on our understanding of the specific business of our clients we design an efficient process of sourcing and recruitment, by focusing only on the best suited candidates, thus reducing the time for CV screening and interviewing. Our strength consists in our team’s unique synergy of complementary skills (HR and Finance) supported by an impressive business network..

Our approach to recruitment is based on a strong consulting component:

  • Assessment of our client business and technical complexity of the position, to understand the job requirements
  • Evaluation of the candidates technical skills and competency level. We also consider the candidates’ personal long term career aspirations in the context of the proposed position.

Executive Search Services

Based on our background in finance, we are recruiting from “inside” the profession. As opposed to traditional recruitment, we leverage our personal network of contacts in order to obtain independent references and credentials about the candidates and generate a strong shortlist of candidates very quickly.

Specialist Recruitment

Our network of contacts in the finance, audit and consulting community is a key asset, that allows us to speed up the recruitment process. We identify potential candidates through networking, referrals and intensive search.

Technical Assessment of Candidates

We have the capability to conduct a detailed assessment of the candidates’ finance technical competencies and soft skills, based on analysing the candidate career background and interviewing the persons who are best suited for the job role.

Talent Mapping & Pooling

Our talent mapping and pooling service involves identifying and engaging with executive talent that may be of interest to our clients and benefits executives by introducing them to relevant companies. We provide a successful talent pooling service by immersing ourselves in the culture of our clients’ business and fully understanding the aspirations of all parties involved.

Our mission is to provide excellent recruitment services in our selected markets by leveraging our technical expertise and business insights to find the right people for the right jobs.