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Audit & Risk Services

ASCENTOR is specialized in providing high quality assurance services, with the ultimate goal of helping companies build trust in front of their key stakeholders. We have been working with leading companies in Romania for 25 years.

Our main assurance services include:

  • INTERNAL AUDIT is our core business and specialization. We deploy efficient internal audit methodologies, tools and techniques, including advanced data analytics and our team includes only senior consultants with strong practical experience. With a small and flexible team we are position
  • FINANCIAL AUDIT includes statutory audits under Romanian accounting standards, IFRS, agreed upon procedures, limited reviews, etc.
  • RISK & COMPLIANCE services help our clients in Romania to effectively manage their business risks and operate profitable in an ethical manner.
  • GOVERNANCE is key to achieve the organization’s goals. Effectively designed roles and responsibilities are key to ensure high performance.

We are focusing on solving our clients business problems in the most effective way, with reduced project overheads and bureaucracy. Our 25-year reputation is based on tangible results appreciated by our clients.

Please see the detailed description of our services below for more details.

Financial Audit

A third-party examination of a company's financial records and reporting activities.

Internal Audit

Provide independent assurance that an organisation's risk management, gouvernance and internal control processes are operating effectievely.

Risk & Compliance

We can consistently an proactive strenthen your organization.


The system of rules, practices and processes by which a company is directed and controlled.