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Anamaria Butnaru is a consultant with significant exposure to the economic field. During the years prior to being employed by Ascentor, she has worked in a several companies, with both banking and non-banking profile, having a financial-accounting experience.

Anamaria joined the Ascentor team in February 2020, after a period of working for Zurich Reinsurance Insurance Broker- one of the top leaders in the field of insurance policy mediation in Romania, being responsible for monitoring the company’s financial data.

Also, the professional record of Anamaria includes a period of 3 years during which she held a coordinating position in a financial institution – Easy Credit 4 ALL IFN, where she managed the entire activity of the Romanian agencies that were connected to this institution.

Anamaria has the ability to synthesize and validate financial information, being involved in projects with various degrees of complexity, in which she has developed analytical, planning and result-oriented skills.

Educational background:

Anamaria has graduated from the Faculty of Economic Sciences of the Ecological University of Bucharest.