Financial Due Diligence

Acquisitions have the potential of bringing significant rewards but also present major risks and challenges. Successful deals start with a thorough understanding of historical results and financial projections. Our consulting work typically covers:

    • Identification of business drivers and key risks
    • Income statement analysis
    • Assessing quality of cash flows
    • Understanding assets and liabilities
    • Assessing reliability of financial projections
    • Understanding and assessment of management estimates
    • Assessment of compliance with regulatory and reporting standards and frameworks
    • Identification of other matters that have the potential to impact the transaction price

 Our typical approach to a financial due diligence project is set out below: 



ASCENTOR ’s team of experienced consultants can tailor the due diligence approach to meet any user needs. As such we can prepare customized reports for financial (private equity or financial investors) and strategic buyers, vendors or towards public (as part of a stock exchange listing). We have extensice experience in working on complex transactions in Romania in various industries incuding healthcare, energy, technology, IT, industrial services and utilities.