Strategy & Operations services

Resource Optimisation

Being involved in large scale transformation programs, we have a proven track record of successfully delivering sustainable business reorganisation projects. We take a holistic approach to such engagements using work practices that address the entire organisation:

    • Business process reengineering: ASCENTOR consultants can support organizations in the redesign of business processes to address desired objectives - reduce cost of operation, improve quality of services, increase efficiency etc.
    • Working capital optimization: our approach addresses all areas of working capital to obtain sustainable benefits: receivables (e.g. credit management, payment terms, invoicing), payables (e.g. payment terms, discounts, purchasing) and inventories (e.g. demand planning, reordering, warehouse management).
    • Sustainable cost management: most organizations implement short term lived cost reduction programs instead of looking for a sustainable long-term solutions. We assist management in setting up a framework for managing and aligning costs with strategic objectives on a continuous basis. This can include continuous improvement and ongoing performance measurement programs or processes improvement.
    • Procurement function effectiveness: We can assist management in improving purchasing activities through. identification of new suppliers and assessment of supply market. We provide support in contract renegotiations to achieve better conditions - prices, discounts, payment terms etc.
    • Organization redesign and resizing: we can assist management in reorganising the business to better fit for its current objectives and restore profitability. We can also support organizations in implementing the restructuring plan.
    • Outsourcing and shared service center set-up support: our consultants have hands-on experience in setting large shared services centers and can support organizations when taking decisions on outsourcing activities or setting up SSC’s.
    • Headcount optimization: we provide practical support in cases of downsizing to help former employees through the transition to new jobs and help them re-orientate to the job market (e.g. career guidance, career evaluation, resume and interview preparation and targeting the job market).