Strategy & Operations services

Revenue Enhancement

The revenue line is on the top of the executives’ agenda as businesses try to identify growth opportunities in a challenging economic environment. Our management consulting solutions are designed to strike the balance between revenue and profitability:

  • Sales function effectiveness improvement: we help organizations improve the ability of their sales professionals to “win” at each stage of the customer’s buying process through definition and implementation of performance metrics, training programs, information systems and processes.
  • Reduction of order to cash cycle duration: we look at all components of the order to cash cycle - providing quotation, processing orders, fulfillment, invoicing, receiving and allocating cash, credit management, collection - to identify ways to reduce cycle time and costs.
  • Improve forecasting and demand management: ASCENTOR consultants can look into the demand forecasting processes, systems and methods to improve accuracy of the forecasts and support management in making informed decisions on frequency and quantities of purchases.
  • Strategic segmentation of client portfolio: we help companies understand the way customers take purchasing decisions to respond to strategic questions such as identification of target customers, relevant products and services and channels to approach them.
  • Product pricing strategy and processes: we provide organizations with insights about current and potential customers in terms of motivations, sensitivities and needs in order to determine the best pricing strategy to maximize both the effectiveness of own products and revenue stream.
  • Segment profitability and sales performance analysis: we work alongside companies to build costing and profitability models to better understand sales performance (e.g. by customer, product, geography, etc.)