Corporate Performance Management

Performance management systems are key for an effective financial and operational management. Our consultants assist organizations in designing and implementing management systems to measure, provide feedback and reward activities and people that support achievement of strategic goals:

  • Budgeting and forecasting: for businesses to grow and survive in the new paradigm, low profit margins and operating costs, budgeting and forecasting are critical to success. The challenge not only lies in drafting the budget, but also in operating within the constraints of the budget to generate income. We can help companies achieve these goals by supporting organizations in the design and operation of the budgeting and forecasting processes.
  • Management reporting: we support companies in designing management accounting systems to allow a thorough understanding of organization’s performance and support decision making.
  • Key performance indicators: ASCENTOR can help organizations in formalizing strategic goals and defining related performance indicators through the use of recognized management performance frameworks (e.g. balanced scorecard). In particular we assist organizations in setting the appropriate KPI’s and related bonus schemes to support strategy implementation at executive and employee levels.
  • Performance based reward systems: we can assist management in modelling reward plans, forecasting and goal-setting, creating objectives and designing measures of performance.
  • Implement performance appraisal systems: our consultants assist management in designing effective performance appraisal systems to create a motivated and committed workforce. This also covers translating organizational goals/objectives into employee specific objectives and design implementation framework (e.g. training, frequency of performance review, record keeping, clearly defined measurement system, evaluators group).
  • Complete cost calculation and profitability analysis: we design and implement established costing methodologies (standard, absorption, marginal or machine hour costing) to allow organization to have a full understanding of manufacturing costs and profitability.
  • Activity based costing: design and implement activity based cost calculation for service organizations.