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Assurance & Risk Services

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CAFR no. 10/2001

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Internal Audit

Internal audit is not just a watchdog of activities and internal controls within an organization, it is also a business catalyst, and, if done right, can provide valuable advice to management and the board of directors. ASCENTOR can help you integrate compliance, controls and risk management activities with your vision, mission and shareholder expectations, delivering real value and performance improvement.

More information is available on our dedicated internal audit website:

Internal Audit Sourcing

The practical and business oriented internal audit approach positions us as trusted advisors to the board and shareholders:
• Full internal audit outsourcing
• Internal audit co-sourcing (e.g. acting as head of internal audit or leading specific internal audit missions)
• Risk assessment for internal audit purposes
• Operational audits (e.g. procurement reviews, working capital, treasury, HR, sales & marketing)
• Special ad-hoc audits and investigations
• Sarbanes Oxley Section 404 readiness assessments

Capacity building

We can help your internal audit department deliver real and continuous value, thus becoming a trusted business advisor to top management and the board:
• Development of the internal audit department
• Trainings to internal auditors in specific matters
• Design and implementation of an internal audit framework, including policies and procedures
• Reduction of compliance program costs