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Assurance & Risk Services

More than 20 years of experience.

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CAFR no. 10/2001

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Governance & Compliance

As risks threaten strategic objectives related to growth and profitability, executives are realizing the importance of implementing good governance practices to facilitate proper oversight of the business and ensure compliance with changing regulations. ASCENTOR provides services that are designed to help you create and maintain value and enhance management of strategic, regulatory, financial, operational and compliance risks on a sustained basis.

Governance services

We can help you assess and mitigate the fraud risks specifically applicable to your business:
• Definition and implementation of corporate oversight framework, roles, responsibilities, codes of conduct, policies and procedures
• Board and committee assessments
• Board development programs on specific topics, such as risk oversight, crisis management, performance assessments, and executive compensation

Regulatory compliance

We can consistently and proactive strengthen your organization, instead of having to react to the next regulatory matter:
• Internal controls improvement in corporate and regulatory reporting
• Employee training
• Assurance of compliance with ethical and regulatory standards
• Regulatory risk profile through strategic benchmarking of competitive position and performance
• Sustainability, health and safety